What does a Sanibel fishing guide do when he has no charters, his son is out of school and a good friend is visiting from up north? Head to the flats for a little competition! Ted Murray and Jake Gibson decided to turn a fishing trip for tailing redfish into just that. Tides were low again and the redfish were back. Not as many as the previous day but enough to make for some challenging fishing. By the way, the visibility was less than 1/4 mile with the fog. Pea Soup for sure. Thanks to the Garmin GPS we made our way to the exact spot we intended to. I climbed (I don’t spring any more) up the poling platform and eased up onto the flats. The fog was so thick I had to use the GPS to make sure I didn’t pole  in circles. After 20 minuets we spotted our first tailer. Ted struck first using a Texas rigged shrimp with the perfect cast. A long cast, 10 feet beyond the tailing fish, then retrieved across the surface gently to the fish. The redfish moved towards where the shrimp had settled, then tailed quickly. Ted reeled in the slack and set the hook. It’s on! After about a 5 minuet battle I used the Boga Grip to snag the fish. A 29 inch, 10 lb beauty. The tide switched, the redfish were gone, so we eased over to the oyster bars. Anchored up tide from a washout around the tip of the bar, I chummed with some pieces of shrimp to entice anyone down tide. For the next hour we caught trout, and ladyfish. Jake ended up winning the competition 18 fish to 16 fish. The grizzled old fisherman got whupped once again by an upstart young whippersnapper. We laughed all the way in, which was still pea soup at noon. As bad of fog as I ever seen in 30 years on the water in these parts.

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