Fishing in general has warmed up with the weather on Sanibel Captiva islands as the tarpon, snook and redfish show up in their summers haunts. Although the tarpon have showed up in mass, they have been playing hide and seek, biting great on one day and taking 3 days off. Cal Collier Sr. and Jim Kilts came for their 20th annual spring tarpon trip, which I’ve been guiding many of those years. The tarpon were playing hard to get for three days but showed up in a 1/2 acre school in Charlotte Harbor that we fished for 1 1/2 hours. It was quite a sight for Cal and myself, with Jim leaving the evening before. Maybe 1,000 non-biting tarpon just milling around ignoring every fly we threw their way. Finally switching to live bait, we had a taker on the second bait we offered, a hot 75-90 pounder. Check out video clip and attached photos. Although we quickly released the tarpon after 12-15 minuets, a 300-400 pound bull shark finished off the tarpon, inspite of our efforts for a quick release.

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