Sanibel Captiva island fly fishing charters guides snook tarpon redfish. The sun was still below the horizion as the first light of the day lit up the Sanibel Lighthouse while Robert Tomes and I headed across San Carlos Bay. Snook, redfish & trout were on the agenda to be taken on fly. I brought along a little help in the form of  about 300 pilchards to  “fire up” the wary snook. Our first stop proved sucessful as Robert took a 20 inch trout on a red & white whistler style fly. No one else wanted to play so we changed location. Working a mangrove shoreline Robert took two 18″ snook for a “moral victory” . We continued on and cast at snook for about 2 hours straight. At one point Robert said, “look at those tarpon”. They were snook! Big ones, 20 lbs at least. They didn’t get that big being stupid and avoided Robert’s perfect presentations. We finally took another 22″ lineside while the parade of snook contiued to ignore perfect cast after perfect cast. I lost count on how many times we changed flies. Even the flury of pilchards would not get them going. It was really nice to see so many snook this time of year after the last two years of freezing temps taking the toll on the snook.  These are the days that keep you coming back.

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